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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hand Reading.

Posted by RioZee on 10:13 PM 2 comments

Dear Friends,
I endeavour to state that hand reading science has been practiced since ages immemorial.
I, a passionate seeker in the field now offer my free services to any one seeking advice on his hand lines. 
All one has to do is send in a photograph of his full palm, at my email i.d.

photograph of both hands, marked right and left hand would be better.

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Unknown!!! said...

interesting to know that you know palmistry... I read one italian palmistry long back..
I always believed in palmistry,horoscope,astrology.. a great contribution by our ancestors..
however all these sciences come with a disclaimer that its pure statistical studies..and there could be case of it not being fully correct..but most of the time it gives an approximate idea.

Maun Vision said...

Hi Friend,
to be able to read hand lines , is like reading the book of nature.
A great thing. I will be posting antique ,hand written comment of Mark twain on this, He had his hand read by william sanders in london.

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